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Process & Services

Our Philosophy

At AKI we partner with you to create beautifully executed projects that bring you joy while reflecting the best version of you.  Our goal is to help you make wise decisions that foster both beauty and value.

Our Process


Our work is a collaboration between designer and client; we consider your goals, ideas, tastes, lifestyle, habits and budget to help us best analyze the scope and direction of your project.  

Scope/Design Fee:

Once we determine the scope of your project, we provide an estimate of the design fee and potential costs; we also outline the estimated time frame for the project. If acceptable, you countersign a letter of agreement and pay the design fee so that we can get to work on the design and execution. 

Our Services 

In addition to full-service design packages tailored to your needs, we offer the following individual services which we can do on an hourly basis or for a fixed price per room:​

  • Art consultations:  Products and/or layout

  • Color consultation: Interior and/or exterior

  • Downsizing: Determining items translate to your new space

  • Space planning: Floor plan analysis 

  • New construction: We collaborate with architects and builders

  • Attractive family and pet-friendly spaces  

  • Bathroom and kitchen: Collaboration with the best product providers and craftsmen. 

  • Exterior:  Curb appeal and living spaces 

  • Home Offices

A la Carte

Two-hour consultation - $1250

This consultation can be on site or virtual. In this session you can bounce ideas with Amal, assess plans and get direction for project.  You can then use that information when making your own design decisions and purchases. Just be sure to take plenty of notes! 


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